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Join us in the MPL MakerPlace!

I’m Michael Rogowski, Midland Public Library’s new MakerPlace Coordinator. Within my first week, I’m feeling very at home in the MakerPlace. I’ve always been passionate about my work, and I’ve never been more excited to start. It blends two deep interests of mine: connecting people with the tools and resources they need, and innovative technologies.

The space brings together new tech, such as the laser cutter and 3D printer, with classic tech, such as sewing machines and button makers. As much as I love emerging technologies, my thought process has always been about applicability. Blending those technologies that have been around for decades with the shiny new gadgets will create something really special.

With a background in audio visual technologies, it’s no surprise how excited I am to help the community with their audio visual tech needs. With all the resources and tools available in the Media Lab, the possibilities are nearly endless. Whether you’re interested in launching your own podcast or YouTube page, recording that song you’ve had in your head forever, or converting an old vinyl record to digital, there is something in this space for everyone to experience.

I love the cyclical nature of the space we have and its technologies. It’s meant to spark people’s imaginations, which in turn will broaden minds and help create tomorrow’s projects. I’ve already seen this with some of the ideas from our patrons who have come into the MakerPlace. The love and wonder you bring into the space is infectious, and I hope to emulate this passion.

As with any piece of technology, collaboration is key. This is what makes it so fun and exciting. There’s nothing more exhilarating than showing off something you’ve just created, and inspiring someone else to try it themselves. Working together, we can help you create new and exciting projects, and make those big ideas a reality. That’s really what I’m most excited about.

Michael Rogowski is the new MakerPlace Coordinator at the Midland Public Library. Find out more at

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