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Welcome to the MakerPlace at Midland Public Library.

For 150 years, the Midland Public Library has been entrusted with community resources to provide opportunities for learning and collaboration. Opening this space is one way we’re continuing this proud tradition.

What is it?

The MakerPlace is where you can explore the intersection between your creativity and new technologies. It’s a space for the community to discover and share skills, tools, equipment, and ideas, and to gather and learn together.

What’s in the space?

The space includes:

  • A MakerLab with 3D printing, laser cutting, and other light manufacturing & making equipment
  • A MediaLab with audio / video recording, production, and digitization equipment
  • A collaborative learning space with a computer lab, robotics and electronics kits
  • And much more to come as we learn and grow together!

What happens in the space?

We want to build local skills in robotics, coding, design and modelling, and more.

You can:

  • Learn how to use the equipment
  • Develop and create your own projects
  • Talk to experienced makers
  • Meet up with others who share your interests

Join in on a workshop:

  • 3D printing
  • Robotics
  • Media digitization
  • Coding
  • Handicraft
  • Science and engineering

How much does it cost?

Participation is free with your Midland Public Library card. For those who aren’t residents of Midland or one of our contracting municipalities (Tiny, Tay, Oro-Medonte, Barrie, Orillia), a MakerPlace-only card is $60 for one year or $15 for a day. Some workshops and projects will have a cost to cover materials.

How do I find out more?

We’d love you to get involved! If you have a school group, want to volunteer, arrange training, book a space, or have any questions, please contact All information is subject to change and will be updated here.

Please note that you should bring your own external memory cards for your projects. Supplies for laser cutting, vinyl cutting, and 3D printing must be provided or approved by MPL in advance – do not plan on using your own supplies without approval.

Participation is free with your Midland Public Library card. For those who aren’t residents of Midland or one of our contracting municipalities (Tiny, Oro-Medonte, Barrie, Orillia), a MakerPlace-only card is $60 for one year or $15 for a day.



3D Printing

Hardware: Ultimaker2+ and Anycubic i3

Software: For designing, we use Sketchup or TinkerCAD. Try Thingiverse to find new designs and upload your own. Learn about 3D printing here:  or here:

Training: To use a 3D printer without an appointment, attendance at a training session is required. The background document can be found here.

3D scanning: Find out how to use our Matter & Form 3D scanner here.

Cost:  3D Printing your designs costs $1.00 + $0.25 per 10 minutes.




Craft & Vinyl Cutting

Hardware: Cricut Maker

Software: We use the Cricut app to send jobs to the Cricut. The software uses vector images, which can also be created in other programs such as Inkscape. Learn about vinyl cutting with the Cricut here:

Cost:  Costs vary based on the type of material used:

Regular Vinyl: 50 cents per linear inch.

Print & Cut Vinyl: 75 cents per linear inch.

Heat Transfer Vinyl: 3 cents per square inch for regular, and 5 cents per square inch of sparkle heat transfer.

Cardstock: 50 cents per sheet

$1.00 flat rate if you bring in your own materials.



Laser Cutting & Etching

Hardware:  Dremel LC40

Software: The laser understands vector line drawings for cutting.  We use Inkscape to create our designs. Learn about laser cutting here: or here:

Training: To use the laser cutter without an appointment, attendance at a training session is required. The background document can be found here.

Cost:  Lasering your designs at the library costs $0.25 per square inch on materials the library provides, or $1.00 + $1.00 per hour on your own materials.




Hardware: Brother Computerized Sewing Machine, Classic Singer Sewing Machine,  BabyLock Victory Serger, and Husqvarna Viking Topaz 50 embroidery machine

Cost: Please follow all posted instructions for sewing in the MPL MakerPlace. Use of our BabyLock Victory Serger and Husqvarna Viking Topaz 50 embroidery machine is $5 / 15 minutes using our thread and your own material. Using the sewing machine is a $1.00 flat fee using your own materials and thread. Please contact the Library if you’d like to be trained by a skilled volunteer.




Button Maker

Our hobbyist button maker produces 3 different sizes of buttons. Bring your own paper inserts to create your own wearable art!

Cost: 1″ button $1.00; 2 1/4″ button $1.50; 3″ button $2.50; 2″x3″ rectangular button $2.00.








Book Binding

We R Memory Keepers The Cinch book binding machine can punch and bind books up to 1″ thick.

Cost: $2.00 for 5/8″ coil; $2.50 for 1″ coil.








Tool Cabinet

Our MakerPlace has all the tools you’ll need to work on your maker project. Choose from our selection of screw drivers, pliers, allen keys, hammers, and soldering materials.

Ask a staff member to gain access to our Tool Cabinet. Tools must be used within the MakerLab space.



The MPL MakerPlace MediaLab continues to evolve and grow, and currently offers access to:

  • 2 iMac stations equipped with Adobe Creative Suite
  • green screen with applications loaded onto our library devices (or bring your own)
  • Audio recording equipment and software:
    • Two Blue Yeti Microphones
    • High Definition Microphones
  • Musical instruments and mixing board to create and record your own musical demos
    • Electric and acoustic guitars
    • Digital Piano
    • Ukuleles
    • Cajon drum box and egg shakers
  • Scanning and digitization equipment for:
    • Photos
    • Photo negatives
    • Slides
    • Vinyl records
    • Cassette tapes
    • VHS tapes

Small numbers of writeable CDs, DVDs, USBs and SD cards are available for purchase at the following prices:

CD-R: $1.00

DVD-RW: $1.50

8 GB USB drive: $7.00

16 GB MicroSD with SD adapter: $12.00

Bring your own photos, videos, and files to put on your creative touches!

Kits, Tools, Toys

In-house use of these kits is free with your library or MakerPlace card. Availability is dependent on their use in library programming and subject to change. Children 13 and under should be accompanied by an adult.

A signed agreement is required of all users of the MakerPlace. Exception is given to individuals or groups on staff-led tours of the space.

Users (or if minors, their parents/guardians) are responsible for any fees incurred for loss or damage to MPL property, not associated with normal wear and tear, that is the result of inappropriate or unauthorized use of tools, equipment, or consumable materials, or for clean-up of the tools, equipment or the space. MPL is not responsible for any damage to, or loss or theft of, users’ personal property, including electronic files left on MPL computers.

Equipment and tools in the MakerPlace are available at no charge to library card holders, generally on a first-come, first-served basis during open MakerPlace hours. Specific tools or equipment may be reserved for projects at the discretion of staff. Please call 705-526-4216 ext. 3321 or email to verify availability.

At its discretion, staff reserves the right to disallow the use of any tools, equipment, or consumable materials, or to halt, delete, or disallow the creation of items that violate any library policy. Projects must be approved by staff prior to use to ensure that proper file format, size and materials are being used. Approval to use the MakerPlace does not constitute endorsement by MPL of the uses to which the space is put or the products produced therein.

This agreement is subject to change and updates will be posted online and in the Library. Current MakerPlace users will be notified.

See also other policies:

Accessible Customer Service


Protection of Privacy and Access to Information

Public Internet Services

Room Rental Policy

Rules of Conduct

Unattended Children

Some MakerPlace equipment is available during all of MPL’s open hours (one half hour after opening and until one half hour before closing). Check in with your library card at the 2nd floor information desk to use some of our great electronics and robotics kits in the collaborative area, or to book and use the MediaLab. Contact 705-526-4216 ext. 3321 or to learn about equipment certification and booking the MakerLab’s 3D printer or laser cutter.

We have a community expert in the MakerLab (3D printing and design) on Tuesday mornings, 9:30am-1pm. Feel free to drop in during that time, or to make an appointment by contacting 705-526-4216 ext. 3321 or You can also contact the Library to make an appointment with a MakerPlace staffperson or volunteer in coding, web design, electronics, digitization, vinyl cutting, or sewing.

Ongoing programs are subject to change and some are dependent on talented community volunteers. Watch for our programs for all ages at to participate in maker programming for kids, families, teens, and adults. Join us on Thursday evenings, 6-8pm, in the MakerPlace, for Midland Makers. Hear engaging speakers, learn about exciting projects, and have the chance to share and develop your own high- and low-tech interests with everyone in the community. If you have a particular technology or project of interest you’d like to present on or hear about, please contact

Thank you to all of our amazing MakerPlace Sponsors!

Thanks to the Rotary Club of Midland for their generous donation to our MakerLab! We’ve added handtools, soldering stations, 3D scanning, and computerized sewing.


Thanks to the Midland Power Utility Corporation!

Midland Power Utility Corporation logo

The Library has a subscription to Make Magazine and to Beanz (for kids). You’ll also find reference books on Maker projects in the MakerPlace. Check out our subscription to LinkedIn Learning, an online learning platform for business, software, technology, and creative skills – it includes professionally taught and produced video lessons. Sign in here using your MPL card.

Share your projects or interests with the whole community – send recommended posts, photos, etc. to

You can find the documentation for our Bots & Bytes coding and robotics program, run with community volunteers, here.

You can also join in on our Facebook group, Midland Makers.


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