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2019 Community Survey

This summer MPL again conducted a survey at the Library and out in the community. We received 175 responses – thank you all; you’ll help us determine how to best serve our community!

11% of you visit daily! Wow! 52% weekly; 22% monthly. That’s more daily and weekly visitors than last year – we’re glad you’re finding value in coming to your library regularly! What do you do? 70% pick up your holds and check out materials; 40% attend library programs and spend time with your family; 28% love the help you get from Library staff. Lots of you also volunteer or use the public WiFi and computers.

70% of you say we provide excellent customer service (90% excellent or good). 52% say MPL is excellent overall (87% excellent or good).

Other elements of library service people were pleased with were our children’s, teen, and maker programs – we offered more than 700 programs for all ages in 2019, and we’re not finished yet. You were disappointed in the loss of interlibrary loan services due to provincial cuts. They’re back: individuals can now borrow two items at a time, for free from other libraries (we can’t provide services to book clubs, but individuals can request their own book club reads). You appreciated our recent investments in French collections, and other new collections like our Wonderbooks, as well as online resources like online learning. In the year since we opened the MakerPlace on the 2nd floor, many of you – 6 walk-ins or booked appointments each day, plus program attendees! – have come in to make, create, and learn.

What do you value most about your Library?

“It is vital for self-education and to keep us all connected. It’s for meeting and keeping friends for social and emotional health.”

“I do like how what with the times changing, that is, technology advancing and having its influence on everything, the facility is adapting. Keep it up.”

“It provides endless hours of adventure, allowing me to become lost in other people’s imaginary worlds, at little or no cost to me.”

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